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Shipping and Handling

Is my paint ready to use when it arrives?
Remove the metal shipping clips from the lid. Use a small screwdriver to pop the clips off. Mix well with the included stirring stick. Paint and the colorant can settle and separate if not used right away. Simply stir until it is smooth and uniform in appearance.

Paint should look rich and creamy and have a smooth consistency. If there are chunks, lumps or if it looks like a sponge, it may have been subjected to freezing and should not be used. If you have questions, please email Colorhouse or 503-493-8275 ext 106.

Is there a warranty?
Your paint is covered under the Colorhouse warranty.   

If any product issue falls within the Colorhouse warranty, please email Colorhouse or 503-493-8275 ext 106 to facilitate a product replacement.

How much will it cost to ship my paint?
Orders will be shipped by UPS ground within 48 business hours from the Colorhouse warehouse in Portland, OR. Please allow an extra 5-7 business days for ground shipping. Currently, we only ship within the continental United States. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada at this time.

Orders are charged a shipping rate based on the chart below. The total value of these items determines your shipping rate.

$0 - $12.00
$12.01 - $24.00
$24.01 - $36.00
$36.01 - $50.00
FREE shipping!


Can I use my Crate and Barrel credit card to purchase paint online?
No, you cannot use your Crate and Barrel credit card to purchase paint online since your purchase is made through our partner, Colorhouse.

Will I get Designer Reward points with my purchase?
No, you will not receive Designer Rewards with your purchase since it is made through our partner, Colorhouse.



What sheens are available?
Our paint is available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss sheens.

Where should I use the sheens?
Flat: Wipeable matte finish. Ideal for for use on ceilings and uneven wall surfaces. Not recommended for high traffic areas. Available in quarts, gallons and five-gallon containers.

Eggshell: Excellent durability, stain resistance and moisture resistance. Recommended for all wall and room types including kitchen and baths. Ideal for high traffic areas. Available in quarts, gallons and five-gallon containers.

Semi-Gloss: Ideal for trim and doors. Available in quarts, gallons and five-gallon containers.

How much paint do I need for my project?
Small room (bath, laundry room): 5’x6’ = walls: 1 gallon; ceiling: 1 quart;  trim: 1 quart

Medium room (bedrooms): 8’x10’ = walls: 2 gallons; ceiling: 1 gallon; trim: 1 quart

Large room (living rooms, great rooms): 11’x14’ = walls: 3 gallons; ceiling: 1 gallon; trim: 2 quarts

(Note: assumes 8’ ceilings, 1 door, 1 window and 2 coats)

Do you have a primer? Where do I use it?
Our partner, Colorhouse, makes a great Multi-Purpose Primer that can be used on unpainted drywall, raw wood, cured masonry or concrete (allow concrete to cure for at least 40 days), aluminum and galvanized metal, surfaces previously painted with water-based paint, glossy or oil-based paint. Not recommended for use on floors.

Can I use the paint on floors, furniture, or cabinets?
Color by Crate and Barrel paints are designed for use on walls, doors and trim. They are not recommended for use on floors, furniture or cabinets.

How do I store my leftover paint?
Store in a cool, dark place away from extreme heat and cold. Keep from freezing.

Where can I find MSDS and Product Data sheets for Colorhouse paint?
Technical information about our primer and paint can be downloaded here.  


Colorhouse Green Attributes

What makes Colorhouse paint environmentally-friendly?
Colorhouse products have third party recognition for environmental, health and performance attributes.

Green Wise certification
LEED Compliant
Master Painter’s Institute (MPI) X-Green Certified
SCAQMD Super Compliant

Beyond paint, Colorhouse is committed to sustainability:

LEED Gold manufacturing facility

Recycled content containers

100% post-consumer recycled labels with soy based inks

What are your VOC Content and Emissions Statements?

Maximum VOC content for untinted base paint and primer: 3 g/L (as determined by ASTM Test Method D 6886). The VOC content may increase after tinting.

Our untinted base paints and primers have zero VOC emissions 14 days after application in a non-residential setting, based on California CDPH Standard Method Section 01350, the most popular US standard for evaluating and restricting VOC emissions for indoor air. VOC emissions may increase after tinting.

Does Colorhouse paint work for chemically-sensitive people?
For chemically-sensitive customers we recommend consulting a licensed physician and testing our product before using. All chemical sensitivities are unique and affect individuals differently. Our paint is not a natural paint, it is an acrylic product made with chemical compounds. It is our customers’ responsibility to determine if they are sensitive to our formulation. Please note that Colorhouse is not liable for any product reimbursement due to chemically sensitive scenarios.

What ingredients are in Colorhouse paint?
The primary ingredients in Colorhouse paint are: water, acrylic polymer, non-hazardous titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, amorphous silica and limestone (ingredient amounts vary from base to base).

Does the color add VOCs?
There are various types of colorant systems available. The VOC level may increase after tinting depending on color choice and colorants used. Contact Colorhouse for specific colorant information.

What is LEED? Does Colorhouse paint qualify for LEED Green Building points?

Colorhouse products are LEED Compliant. LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED is a rating system developed by the US Green Building Council that measures how green a building/remodel/new construction is. For more information on LEED go to